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FHS Libguides (Library Guides): Mr. Chancey's Existentialism Research Project

Created using your teacher's assignments and library resources, these guides are a great first place to start your research. Find databases, books, websites, and other tools that can help you do your homework.


Compare the philosophical aspects of The Stranger to a piece of pop culture, focusing on the tenets of Existentialism, Absurdism and Nihilism.  How have the tenets of Existentialism, Absurdism and Nihilism subliminally been ingrained in your life through pop culture and literature?  Make a claim about personal philsophies that govern each of the 2 fictional universes.  How, specifically, are Existential/Nihilist/Absurdist ideals used to explain our existence?

  • Min. 6 pages, including Works Cited page
  • At least 6 secondary sources, not counting The Stranger
  • Include at least 15 parenthetical citations in your paper
  • 3 different types of sources
  • Use ch. 1 of At the Existentialist Cafe
  • At least 2 books or reference books
  • no personal websites

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Encyclopedia & Databases of Interest

Databases are collections of published articles, scholarly papers, research etc. that are NOT usually available on the internet.    

Research philosophies here:




Research pop culture here:

New York Times  




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FHS Research Paper Guide, 8th edition

Please use this guidebook when writing your research paper.  It includes information on how to set up your essay in MLA format and how to correctly cite your sources in your essay and in your Works Cited page.