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FHS Libguides (Library Guides): Literary Research at FHS

Created using your teacher's assignments and library resources, these guides are a great first place to start your research. Find databases, books, websites, and other tools that can help you do your homework.

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Novels for Students

Poetry for Students

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Drama for Students

eBooks - Critical Insights


Databases are collections of published articles, scholarly papers, research etc. that are made available online. The information in databases has been edited and fact-checked. Databases contain accurate, reliable, and timely information - perfect for your research assignments. The FHS Library subscribes to these databases in order to access the resources.



Encyclopedia Brittanica  

Advanced: ‚Äč

Literature Resource Center  

eBooks - World Literature Analysis


Subject Guide

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FHS Research Paper Guide, 6th edition

This guide was developed by the English Department.  Please check with your teacher to make sure that the information applies to you.