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FHS Libguides (Library Guides): MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey - 2016 Data

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MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey - 2016 Results

The MetroWest Health Foundation surveys teens from 25 communities in MetroWest and reports back their findings.  

The data in the tables below is from the 2016 survey, and is broken down by topic, then by grade, gender, and location. You can also use:

Here is an example of how you might incorporate data from the survey results into a sentence: 

FHS students claimed that they have used alcohol at least once in their lives at a rate of 55% overall; but grades 9-12 respectively reported 42%, 60%, 64%, 68% of them had ever used alcohol  (“MetroWest”).

When you cite any of this data in your project, please use the following citation:

"MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey - 2016." MetroWest Health Foundation, 2016,

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